ACE Rent a Car Review Review

Who is ACE Rent a Car?

ACE Rent a Car is a small company, compared to some of the others we have reviewed (Hertz, Enterprise, Avis) with only 59 locations, so unfortunately, it is not as widely available as other companies, despite its relatively low pricing. The risk of using a small company is that they can run low on cars, or even sell out unless you book far enough in advance.


Interestingly, savvy car renters tend to opt for the smaller companies and avoid the major brands. Why? Because some of the companies actually belong to a larger company and often operate from the same building. They even tend to share the same car pool. But thanks to their market positions, they can charge radically different rates. Most often, the more expensive brands will have newer, more modern cars with great features, but typically, there’s little distinction between the different brands during peak seasons. 


For that reason, consumers don’t mind looking to smaller brands. 


ACE Rent a Car has been in business since 1966 and offers a fleet of low-mileage vehicles at great prices.

ACE Car Rental Options

ACE offers a range of vehicles at their locations. The company prides itself on operating late-model, low-mileage fleets, and most locations will offer options that include:


  • Economy cars
  • Compact sedans
  • Full-size cars
  • Luxury cars


Some locations also offer additional options, including:


  • SUVs
  • Vans
  • Minivans
  • 12/15 passenger vans
  • Specialty vehicles
  • And Trucks.


At the time of writing, the company does not offer electric vehicles. 


As with other car rental companies, ACE Rent a Car adheres to the standard industry practice of grouping vehicles into classes. While all efforts are made to provide the exact vehicle you requested, the company cannot guarantee that you will receive a particular vehicle or model. However, they do guarantee that you will receive a vehicle of the same class or better than requested at the quoted price. 


ACE Rent a Car Pricing

Whenever you book a car rental with any company, try to do so at least two weeks in advance. Next day rentals tend to attract higher costs. 


When we compared car rental costs against other companies, we received good rates from ACE. Their rates compared favorably on every type of car. This made up for the fact that ACE has so few locations, and all of them at airports. Car rental locations at airports attract additional fees, and don’t offer home pick-up options. 


Although the company guarantees rates, you will be offered additional services upon collection. If you opt for additional services, you will pay extra. For instance, if you opt for additional drivers, that will attract an additional cost, which will be around $10 per day, depending on the location. Additional insurance cover will also fetch an additional fee, as will Adaptive Driving Devices, child car seats, GPS, tolls and other devices.

ACE Rent a Car Policies

Every car rental company has its own rules, which are based on industry regulations. Although ACE Rent a Car has similar policies to other companies, we will recap:


Licence – You must possess a valid driver’s license issued by your country of residence.

Payment – Each ACE Rent a Car location is privately owned and operated, and therefore make their own rules within the company and state guidelines. One of these policies is the fact that you must present a form of payment that is acceptable at your chosen location. 

Age – You must be  25 or older to rent a car from any ACE Rent a Car location.


If you return your rental car early, the company will sometimes recalculate your rate in order to charge you in accordance with the amount of time you used the vehicle. However, an early return fee may be levied by some locations. If your plans change and you need the vehicle for longer than your initial reservation, be sure to notify the rental office. 


Sometimes, circumstances beyond your control can impact on your travel plans. The company will honor your reservation for up to two hours after the scheduled time. If you provided your flight information when you made the reservation, the company will honor the reservation for up to four hours beyond the flight’s scheduled arrival time. 


If you are delayed, it is quite possible that other travelers are also delayed. That means that your prefered vehicle may not be available. By calling the rental office with an updated time, delays can be minimized.


ACE Rent a Car offers two ways for you to confirm your reservation:


  • Reserve Free Cancellation – With this method, you will pay at the time of the reservation, but if you cancel 24 hours before the scheduled arrival, you will get a refund.
  • Reserve Pay on Arrival – If you choose this option, you can rent your car without prepaying for it.


One of the ways in which ACE rent a Car keeps their fees low, is by asking renters to cancel their reservations as soon as possible. 


ACE Rent a Car Insurance

When you rent a car from ACE, you are fully responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to the vehicle during the rental period. If you want to be released from this liability, consider purchasing Supplemental Liability Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver protection from the company. 


In some cases, you may have supplemental insurance on your credit card, personal car insurance or homeowners policy. Be sure to check with your insurance provider before your travel date. 


If any damages occur and you don’t have liability or damages insurance, you will be held personally responsible for the costs incurred. 


If you experience a breakdown, call the rental office right away to arrange roadside assistance (if you opted for this service in the rental agreement). In the event of an accident, call emergency services first, and then call the rental office. 


Adaptive Driving Devices

ACE Rent a Car aims to make rental cars available to customers who may have disabilities. Although the company doesn’t charge extra for pedal extenders, spinner knobs and left foot accelerators and hand controls, it is important to provide advanced notice. The company will, in good faith, make an effort to meet request for vehicles with Adaptive Driving Devices as soon as reasonably practical, and this process may take up to three days depending on the location of the branch. In some instances, major airport locations may have suitable vehicles available at shorter notice. 


As with all other car rentals at different companies, some delays may be beyond ACE Rent a Car’s control. 


ACE Rent a Car: The Verdict

ACE Rent a Car is a smaller car rental company with privately owned and operated rental offices in seven locations in Florida, six locations in California, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver, New York, and Buffalo. Their rates compare well to mid-range car rental companies and their transparent policies and fleet of late-model cars provide peace of mind.

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