Alamo Rent a Car Review Review

About Alamo Car Rental

Alamo Car Rental is one of the most recognized brands with about 250 branches in the US and more around the world and a loyalty member discount club, the Alamo Insiders Club. Unfortunately, their reward program is not as strong as that of some of the other companies, so if you frequently rent cars and want that benefit, you may want to look elsewhere.


The reasonably small company has been around since 1974, however, it has a fleet of modern vehicles – including hybrids and electric cars – at reasonable pricing. Their price range is in the median range, which means they are lower than Hertz, but higher than Thrifty.


You can book your rental car reservation through the Alamo website, which is a convenient benefit for renting a car on the go.


Alamo Rent a Car offers a pick-up service for their non-airport locations, which means that they will come to your home or office to collect you and bring you to the office to complete your checkout process. With Alamo Rent a Car, you get to choose from a range of flexible pick-up and drop-off options.

Alamo Car Rentals

Travel requirements are rarely identical, which is why car rental prices vary depending on variables such as:


Reservation dates

  • Availability of vehicles at your location
  • Your selected rental type
  • Additional car rental products and services


Adjusting just one of these factors can have a significant impact on your car rental costs, so if you want to save money, try to be flexible with your dates and times and vehicle type. Booking well in advance will ensure the best prices and availability of the vehicle of your choice. Also, adding only one additional driver  – instead of everyone in the group – will save you a pretty penny. Also, making use of potential savings and deals can help you save, so be sure to look into the loyalty program, Alamo Insiders, and the company’s Drive Happy Deal, whereby you pay for a compact, and they will give you a compact or larger vehicle, determined on pick-up. The company also offers last-minute deals that are available with an hour’s notice.


Alamo Rent a Car has four vehicle classes from which you can choose, which makes it easy to find the right car for your trip. 


Cars – 

  • Economy with Automatic Transmission: Mitsubishi Mirage or similar  
  • Compact Convertible with Automatic Transmission: Mazda Miata RF or similar
  • Compact with Automatic Transmission: Nissan Versa or similar
  • Midsize with Automatic Transmission: Hyundai Elantra or similar
  • Midsize Convertible with Automatic Transmission: Mini Cooper Convertible or similar
  • Standard with Automatic Transmission: VW Jetta or similar
  • Full Size with Automatic Transmission: Ford Fusion or similar
  • Premium Special with Automatic Transmission: Chrysler 300 or similar
  • Premium with Automatic Transmission: Nissan Maxima or similar
  • Exotic Sport with Manual Transmission: Tesla Model S or similar
  • Luxury Elite Electric with Automatic Transmission: Tesla Model S or similar
  • Premium Elite with Automatic Transmission: BMW 5 Series or similar
  • Luxury Sedan with  Automatic Transmission: Mercedes Benz S450 or similar
  • Luxury with Automatic Transmission: Cadillac XTS or similar
  • Fullsize Elite with Automatic Transmission: Infiniti Q50 or similar
  • Hybrid with Automatic Transmission: Toyota Prius or Ford Fusion Hybrid
  • or similar
  • Intermediate Electric with Automatic Transmission: Nissan Leaf or similar
  • Sporty with Automatic Transmission: Dodge Challenger or similar
  • Convertible with Automatic Transmission: Ford Mustang or similar
  • Standard Elite with Automatic Transmission: Mercedes Benz CLA or similar


SUVs – 

  • Luxury Elite SUV with Automatic Transmission: Audi Q7 or similar
  • Compact SUV with Automatic Transmission: Ford EcoSport or similar
  • Midsize SUV with Automatic Transmission: Toyota RAV4 or similar
  • Standard SUV with Automatic Transmission: Ford Edge or similar


  • Full Size SUV with Automatic Transmission: Ford Expedition or similar
  • Luxury SUV with Automatic Transmission: Lincoln Navigator or similar
  • Premium SUV with Automatic Transmission: Chevy Suburban or similar
  • Standard Elite SUV with Automatic Transmission: Audi Q3 or similar
  • Large Executive Luxury SUV with Automatic Transmission: Cadillac Escalade ESV or similar
  • Premium Elite SUV with Automatic Transmission: BMW X3 or similar
  • Premium Crossover with Automatic Transmission: Volkswagen Atlas or similar
  • Jeep Wrangler 4DR with Automatic Transmission: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited or similar
  • Jeep with Automatic Transmission: Jeep Wrangler 2 Door or similar


Vans – 


  • 7 Passenger Minivan with Automatic Transmission: Dodge Grand Caravan or similar
  • 8 Passenger Minivan with Automatic Transmission: Toyota Sienna or similar
  • 12 Passenger Van with Automatic Transmission: Ford Transit Wagon or similar
  • 12 Passenger Van with Automatic Transmission: Ford Transit Wagon or similar
  • 15 Passenger Van with Automatic Transmission: Ford Transit Wagon or similar
  • 15 Passenger Van with Automatic Transmission: Ford Transit Wagon or similar
  • Cargo Van with Automatic Transmission: Chevy Express or similar


Trucks – 


  • Standard Pickup with Automatic Transmission: Nissan Frontier or similar
  • Pickup with Automatic Transmission: Ford F150 or similar


What You Need to Know About Renting a Vehicle From Alamo Rent a Car

You must be 21 to rent a car from Alamo Rent a Car, except in New York State, Michigan, and for government employees and military personnel. An additional daily charge of $57 is applicable to renters aged 18-20, except in Michigan, where a $40 additional daily fee is charged to renters aged 18-20 and $25 per  day for renters aged 21-24. 


Larger or specialty vehicles may not be rented to drivers younger than 25 years of age.


When you add an additional driver to your car rental agreement, the daily fee will vary, but averages around $12 per day. This fee is waived commercial rentals, renters’ business partners, or employers or associates who have signed a corporate contract with Alamo Rent a Car. 


Wisconsin, Oregon, Nevada, Missouri, Illinois, and California allow spouses to be automatic authorized drivers, provided they meet the appropriate age and driver’s license qualification. 

Alamo Rent a Car Fuel Service Options

When you rent a car from Alamo Rent a Car, you have two refueling options, both of which start with a full fuel tank upon receipt of your vehicle. Then you will have to pay for what you use. These are your options:


  1. Upfront – You can pay for a full tank of gas when you rent the car, and return it as empty as possible. You will not receive a refund for any unused gas. When you pay upfront for fuel, charges are based on an estimate of current fuel prices and the size of the tank of your car class. Actual costs may change.
  2. Full to Full – With this option, you can either return the car with a full tank of gas, or you may pay Alamo Rent a Car at the end of your rental contract for any gas used. 

Alamo Rent a Car Payment Policy

Alamo Rent a Car does not accept cash at the beginning of your rental at any location, and many locations don’t accept cash at all. 


Alamo does accept American Express®, MasterCard®, VISA® and Discover® Network cards.


Customers who can prove that they have disembarked or deplaned at the rental location, and can provide a ticketed outbound trip or return from the location, may pay by debit or check card (any non-credit card that bears the Discover Card, MasterCard or VISA logo). If you do not have the necessary proof, you can pay by debit card only at the time of return. 


You can save time and enjoy a 5% discount by prepaying for your reservation. Alamo Rent a Car accepts all major credit cards, however, no single-use card numbers, virtual credit cards or online-only cards will be accepted. You must present your major credit card and a valid driver’s license in the name of the renter, and the card presented must be the one used to prepay the reservation. 


Alamo Rent a Car charges the following cancellation fees:


  • $50 if the reservation is cancelled more than 24 hours before pick-up time.
  • The lesser of $100 or the cost of the rental if the reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of the collection time, or if it is not picked up at all.


In most cases, a 29 minute grace period exists for late return of rental cars. Hourly charges may be charged if the vehicle is returned two or more hours from the time it was rented on the next day. 


You remain responsible for the car until it is checked in on the next business day if you return it after hours when the office is closed.

Alamo Rent a Car TollPass Program

Save time by using electronic toll express lanes on roadways that are covered by Alamo Rent a Car TollPass service. Instead of waiting in long lines to pay cash at toll plazas, this service allows you to use the electronic express lanes and pay for your tolls electronically. 


The features of the program depend on where you rent the car. 

Alamo Rent a Car Insurance Products

When deciding whether you need additional insurance products from Alamo Rent a Car, consider your existing coverage to see whether it provides sufficient cover for a rental car. You may wish to call your agent to discuss your needs, as policies differ. If you have a credit card, you can check with your provider to see if they offer primary or secondary vehicle rental coverage, and find out which types of vehicles they cover. There may be certain requirements and restrictions. Find out everything before you decline Alamo Rent a Car insurance.


For your convenience, Alamo Rent a Car offers the following protection products:


  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI and Personal Effects Insurance (PEC)
  • Roadside Assistance Protection
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance
  • Deductible Protection
  • Extended Protection (EP)
  • International Third Party Insurance (TPI)
  • Master cover

Additional Alamo Rent a Car Products

If you are traveling with little ones, it is important to use child restraints that conform to government standards. Alamo Rent a Car offers guaranteed child safety seat reservations at US-based airport-serving locations. Alamo Rent a Car’s five-point convertible seats can be reclining or rear-facing for infants or forward facing for toddlers. The seats have a front harness lock and two-piece harness retainer, as well as large labeled seatbelt paths with locking clips. You are responsible for properly installing and fastening child safety and booster seats in your rental car. 


The airline may allow you to bring your own child safety or booster seat from home. 

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