Sixt Car Rental Review Review

Minimum Driver Age

You must be 21 years or older to rent a car from Sixt, however, you may still pay a surcharge if you’re under 25 years of age. This surcharge is standard practice with most car rental companies, and usually calculated on daily rate per underage driver.


With most Sixt drivers, you can add an additional driver (or more than one) to the rental agreement, but bear in mind that you pay an additional fee per driver per day, so keep it to a minimum if you’re trying to save money. 


You will have to present your credit card and driver’s license when you pick your car up at the service counter.

Sixt Mileage

If you don’t want to be under pressure to limit your mileage, opt for the unlimited mileage option. This means that you can drive as much as you wish without incurring extra costs. However, be sure to check any restrictions, as many companies don’t allow cars to go into other states or countries. 


As with the other companies that offer them, Sixt Car Rental has great deals on one-way rentals from their US locations. A one-way rental means that you pick the car up from one location, and return it to another. If your travel plans change at the last minute, or if you’re relocating and want to drive to your new location without putting mileage on your own car, you can ship your car and select a one-way rental.It is also handy for extended travels, cross country road trips, or when your flights change.


Some fees and restrictions apply, and will depend on the pickup and destination location.  In most cases, rental vehicles may only be used in the state in which it is picked up and the surrounding area.The one benefit of taking a one-way rental with Sixt Car Rental is that they offer free of charge options on selected routes within Nevada, California and Florida.


Payment Information

Sixt Car Rental accepts all major credit cards including MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, Visa, Airplus, Discover and JCB. Local renters may not pay by debit cards at airport locations, but select locations may accept debit cards with sufficient available funds along with two forms of government-issued ID at the company’s sole discretion. Credit check may be performed and the company may require further renter qualifications based on local policy, especially on high-end vehicles.


Generally, Sixt will take a $200 minimum authorization against the chosen payment method for security purposes. A bigger deposit will be required for high-value luxury or premium vehicles.

You're covered!

Sixt Car Rental offers a range of optional insurance coverage for your convenience, including:


  • Supplemental Liability Insurance
  • Partial Damage Waiver
  • Loss Damage Waiver
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Emergency Sickness Protection
  • Roadside Assistance Protection

Refueling policy

Sixt Car Rental offers a range of fuel policies to suit your needs, however, full-to-full is probably the most convenient. It means that when you pick up the car, it will be 100% full, and you need to return it 100% full. 


In most cases, the car must be returned to Sixt with at least the same amount of fuel as you received. If you return the vehicle with less fuel, you will be liable for a refill fee on a per-gallon basis.


Alternatively, you could purchase a whole tank of fuel when you collect the car, and bring it back empty. However, you will not be refunded for unused fuel.

Toll Services


Sixt Car Rental offers two optional toll products, with prices and availability varied by state. Not all tolls accept cash payments, and if you opt out of the toll products and use an automated express toll lane without a personal toll transponder, you will have to pay Sixt a $5 administrative fee per toll, as well as the toll fee.

  • The Sixt Express toll Unlimited offers unlimited toll use, but it does not cover cash-only tolls.
  • The General Toll Service makes use of the Sixt transponder, and you will be billed at the highest prevailing undiscounted toll rate, plus a daily set fee.

Sixt Car Rental Cards

Every Sixt Car Rental customer is entitled to an Express Sixt Card which allows you to reserve your car anytime via the SixtMobile application. There are no rental formalities, as all your information is contained in your account. That means that you don’t have to wait for long when you arrive at the office, and payment is easy because your credit card information is stored. 


The Express Sixt Card offers additional discounts, and allows you to collect miles with airline partners, and points with hotel partners and other participating programs. It also provides access to competitive rates on long-term commercial vehicle rentals. With Express Sixt, you also have the peace of mind of their 4-hours mobility guarantee in the unlikely event of a breakdown. 


If you rent cars more than three times a year, you will qualify for the Gold Sixt Card which offers everything the Express Sixt Card does, plus up to 10% discount on car rentals and great deals on other services.

Diamond Service

Arrive in style at the Sixt location at Los Angeles airport only. The Diamond VIP experience includes chauffeur pickup from the airport baggage claim, access to the Diamond Lounge, and a VIP parking space.

The Sixt Car Rental Promise

When you research a company online, the best way to learn more about them, is through their customer reviews. However, when it comes to companies with different locations, it is hard to really ascertain their service levels as a whole. With Sixt Car Rental, you can rely on their promise and their history. 


Sixt Car Rental is Germany’s largest car rental company. It offers a Best Price Guarantee, no credit card fees and no hidden costs. If you pay on arrival, you benefit from free cancellation or reservation changes, if need be. The Sixt Car Rental cards enable you to earn miles and discounts with the company and their partners.


Sixt Car Rental has a fleet of new cars that are on average three months old. 


On top of all of this, Sixt Car Rental promises excellent customer service, 24/7/365.

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