Driver Record: How Your Criminal Record Impacts on Car Rental

Car rental companies maintain Do Not Rent lists, which means that they will not rent a car to you. In most cases, people land up on these lists because of an incident with renting a car. However, it can also happen because of a poor driver history in another car. Names may or may not remain on the Do Not Rent lists forever. In this post, we will explain how your driver record affects your ability to rent a car.

Will I pass the car rental driver record check?

When you rent a car, you will be asked to present your driver’s license. Why? Because they need to verify your identity to ensure that your driver record is in good standing. They want to ensure that their cars are safe hands. If you have a bad driver record, they will take a proactive step towards preventing damage or loss by blocking you from renting cars. 

Rental car companies must insure their cars, and their drivers. However, it is expensive to insure drivers with DUIs. As such, car rental companies will reject customers with recent DUIs. 

Many car rental locations will phone the DMV that issued the license to confirm that it is valid. The DMV will then provide the car rental company with information about the driver record. The rental contract will contain details about how the driver record influences your ability to rent a car. In most cases, companies reserve the right to deny rental if any of the following is revealed during the driver’s license verification process:

Someone who has been picking up too many points might be worried that his or license is about to be revoked. That is a valid concern.

DUI, DWI & DWAIs and Your Car Rental

A DUI can affect your life in many ways. Most people don’t consider how it can hamper their ability to rent cars. According to Manuel J. Barba, a DUI defense attorney, most DUI convictions result in suspension of a driver’s license, and restrictions after the suspension is lifted. In some cases, drivers are restricted to driving cars with Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs). He goes on to affirm that drivers with restricted or suspended driver’s licenses will be prevented from renting cars for at least 48 months after the DUI.

There are two rules that will result in immediate refusal to rent a car and that is:

If your driver’s license requires that you drive in a car with an IID, you cannot rent a car without an IID from most companies. Most car rental companies don’t have cars with IIDs.

Honestly, most drivers will pass the driver record check. In most cases, drivers who are unaware of the fact that they have suspended licenses are prevented from renting a car. You cannot rent a car with a suspended license or invalid ID. 

Simply look around and ask car rental companies if they would rent cars to someone with a driver record like yours. Ultimately, it’s a good idea to prevent and fight DUIs before they impact your lifestyle.