Driving in USA Tips for Foreigners and New Drivers

Visiting the USA for the first time and renting a car? Or are you a newly minted driver looking for some driving in USA tips before you officially hit the road? In this post, we aim to cover all the basics so that our readers have everything they need by the time they pick up their cars.

Do I need an International Driver’s Permit (IPD) to rent a car?

In order to rent a car, you will typically need a full, driver’s license that had been valid for a minimum of 12 months. The International Driver’s Permit is a special permit that allows you to drive in America. It is only valid if you also have a  full driver’s license issued in your home state. While it is highly recommended that you take the IDP, it is not mandatory. Some car rental companies may require that you present an IDP when you book a car rental.

driving in usa tips

How do Americans drive?

driving in usa tips

There you have the most important driving in USA tips. Now all you still need to do is find an unlimited miles car rental deal.