Remedies for Motion Sickness: SOS for your next road trip

Have you ever experienced severe motion sickness? So are there remedies for motion sickness? In this post we look at ways to alleviate the discomfort.

The symptoms of motion sickness can give a whole new meaning to feeling the earth move under your feet. Severe motion sickness can cause the sufferer to feel sick for hours and wish walking were the only option. Trying to figure out how to stop motion sickness after it starts can be a nightmare.

People who get carsick, seasick, or airsick are likely experiencing severe motion sickness. Motion sickness symptoms include:

Scientists believe that severe motion sickness is caused when the movement that your eyes see differs from the movement that your inner ear perceives. Basically, motion sickness is the result of an imbalance between what you see and what you feel.

remedies for motion sickness

It is estimated that one in three people will suffer from severe motion sickness. Motion sickness can affect anyone, but it is more common in older people, women and children. 

Let’s explore motion sickness causes and remedies for motion sickness.

Motion Sickness Causes: Attacking the Root of the Problem

What causes motion sickness when not moving? The most common cause of motion sickness when not moving is a balance disorder.

Balance disorders may make you feel as if you are spinning, floating, or moving even when you are still. Certain health conditions, medications, inner-ear or brain problems can cause balance disorders.

There are many things that can trigger severe motion sickness. The most common motion sickness causes include:

Experiencing motion sickness makes traveling uncomfortable and can ruin a trip. Severe motion sickness can be brought on suddenly by any form of travel whether it be by car, plane, ship or train.

The sensory parts of your body: your eyes, inner ears, muscles, and joints send signals to your brain. If these sensory parts send conflicting signals, your brain cannot discern whether you are stationary or moving. These conflicting signals can lead to severe motion sickness.

For example, when traveling in a car, your eyes may perceive trees passing by and sense movement, and your inner ears may perceive movement. Muscles and joints sense that your body is still, and your brain senses a disconnect between these signals.

What are the Risk Factors of Motion Sickness?

While motion sickness is not life threatening, it can make traveling unpleasant. It’s rare that motion sickness causes serious long-term problems. A person who suffers from severe motion sickness can feel like death warmed up. 

Sometimes when a person suffers from severe motion sickness they can’t stop vomiting. Excessive vomiting can cause dehydration and low blood pressure.

A number of factors increase your risk for severe motion sickness including:

How to Cure Motion Sickness Permanently

remedies for motion sickness

Motion sickness causes one to feel like death warmed up, so it is natural that you will want to know how to cure motion sickness permanently. The truth is that motion sickness isn’t something that can be cured. 

However, the good news is that there are things that you can do to minimize the symptoms of motion sickness. Additionally you can identify your motion sickness causes and avoid them like a rash.

You may be surprised to find that people who suffer from migraines also tend to struggle with severe motion sickness. Treating migraine headaches can sometimes offer relief from severe motion sickness. Research on the relationship between migraines and motion sickness found that migraine sufferers experience symptoms of motion sickness, such as nausea, dizziness and headaches. 

Medication for Motion Sickness? Yes, You Can Buy Motion Sickness Pills Over the Counter

Looking for remedies for motion sickness that will work for you is not always simple. If you go to the drugstore to buy motion sickness pills over the counter, you can buy medications to treat severe motion sickness. 

The following medications can help prevent severe motion sickness. Also you could ask the pharmacist for advice on how to stop motion sickness after it starts. Medications for the treatment of severe motion sickness include:

remedies for motion sickness

It is important to remember that before starting any new medications or supplements to help treat severe motion sickness to consult your doctor. If you are already taking medications or have underlying conditions, some medications may clash with them.

Additionally, over-the-counter motion sickness bands and bracelets are also available. If you suffer from severe motion sickness, you may want to try natural remedies for motion sickness.

3 Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness

You may decide to take a different route and try to find natural remedies for motion sickness to treat your severe motion sickness. Here are some natural remedies for motion sickness that you can try:

Why not try diaphragmatic breathing?

In an Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance study, participants either practiced diaphragmatic breathing or breathed normally in a simulation of a boat on rough waters. The diaphragmatic breathing group had less motion sickness than those who breathed normally.

Traditional Chinese medicine: Pressure points

Traditional Chinese medicine suggests pressing on “pericardium 6” to alleviate some motion sickness symptoms. The P6 point is found between the two wrist tendons, above the wrist crease on the inner side of the forearm.

Despite a lack of evidence on the use of acupressure for severe motion sickness, research on postoperative nausea and vomiting suggests it might be effective. Use your opposite hand’s index finger to press on the point. There are also wristbands marketed as “sea bands” that are said to stimulate the P6 point. 

Forearm bands typically feature plastic buttons or beads that apply pressure to the P6 point. Additionally, the person wearing the band can press the bead for extra stimulation. Most acupressure bands cost less than $10 at health stores or online.

Avoid Reading Or Computer Work During Travel

If you suffer from severe motion sickness, avoid reading when traveling. When your inner ear senses movement but the words on the screen or page are still, this can cause nausea.

Tips to Help You Deal With Severe Motion Sickness

If you are prone to motion sickness, take these steps to minimize your discomfort:


One of the remedies for motion sickness is herbs. Have you tried ginger for motion sickness? Aromas such as mint, ginger, and lavender can help if you suffer from severe motion sickness. If you’re experiencing symptoms of motion sickness, you might want to try eating peppermint or ginger candies.

Food and drink

Among the best remedies for motion sickness is to drink lots of water. Before traveling, eat low-fat, starchy, bland foods to help with severe motion sickness. Keep your meals light, healthy, and stay away from spicy and acidic foods. Remember that smoking and drinking alcohol can aggravate symptoms of motion sickness.

Fresh air

Fresh air can help with the symptoms of motion sickness, so open your windows when you drive. Allow the air vents in the car to blow in your direction.

Look ahead

Put down your phone, tablet, or book and look at the horizon or something in the distance instead. Do not make sudden head movements or movements that involve twisting and turning. 

Lie down

Close your eyes and try to relax. If you are experiencing severe motion sickness, rest your head on the back of your seat or close your eyes.

The pressure points 

Make sure you wear acupressure wristbands. A few dollars spent on wristbands can help relieve symptoms of motion sickness.

Traveling Tips to Help You Avoid Those Nasty Symptoms of Motion Sickness

Try and identify if there are triggers for your  severe motion sickness. It is always best to try to figure out how to stop motion sickness before it starts. Travelers who suffer from severe motion sickness should always face forward when traveling. Seating arrangements can also affect how disruptive motion is.

Some tips to avoid getting severe motion sickness while traveling are listed below:

Are you nauseous whenever you ride in the second or third row of an SUV? If you travel by train, do you feel fine, but if you take the bus, do you get sick? Severe motion sickness can be avoided if you know what triggers them.

Remember to try and avoid situations that trigger symptoms of motion sickness. With these helpful remedies for motion sickness, your next road trip will be an enjoyable one.