Rent a Car for a Road Trip: The Key to Stress-Free Travels?

It is projected that the market for car rentals will grow from $58.34 billion in 2020 to $144.21 billion in 2027. The number of American drivers taking road trips increased by 44% last summer, despite the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of these people decided to rent a car for a road trip.

Imagine arriving by plane in Las Vegas before setting off on a glorious road trip to Utah’s National Parks. Your trip may involve flying into a destination and then renting a car, or you could just be planning to rent a car for a road trip. Either way, you are in for an adventure.

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There’s nothing like an American cross-country road trip but putting extra miles on your car is likely to put you off, especially if you have an older vehicle. Additionally, when you rent a car for a road trip it may be cheaper than even flying to your destination.

If this is the first time that you will rent a car for a road trip you may be asking questions like how far can you drive a rental car? Some US rental car companies offer unlimited mileage rentals. This means that there is no limit to how far you can travel, which is great for a cross-country road trip.

Rent a Car For a Road Trip: 7 Money-Saving Tips

Have you ever considered that perhaps renting a car for a road trip can save you money? Even if you don’t realize it right away, a long road trip can be costly. To save money, it is always a wise idea to plan.

To begin with, to rent a car for a road trip is a smart choice, especially when you take into account things like depreciation. A road trip can cause costly damage to your vehicle. Every mile added to your car results in wear and tear to the engine, tires, and other moving parts; and can affect your vehicle’s resale value

rent a car for a road trip

Besides the depreciation costs there are other reasons why it may be smarter for you to rent a car for a road trip instead of driving your vehicle and they include:

5 Surprising Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Use a Rental on Your Next American Road Trip

Does having a fun road trip comfortably with less stress sound appealing to you? If so here are 5 surprising reasons why to rent a car for a road trip.

  1. Opportunity knocks – When you choose to rent a car for a road trip you get to test out a vehicle that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. If you are thinking about buying a new car, SUV or truck this is an ideal opportunity to see how that particular vehicle performs on the road.
  1. Less stress – As long as you return the car rental in the same condition as it was when you received it, you don’t have much to worry about. No concerns of additional mileage put on your car, repair costs and wear and tear or any other nasty surprises. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, car rental companies do offer roadside assistance.
  1. A car’s size matters – Not all road trips are not created equal, and neither are rental cars. If you are traveling with your entire family you will want to make sure that there is enough space for everyone and their luggage. If it is just you and a passenger a smaller vehicle could do the trick. This guide covers how to decide on which car to choose for a crowd.
  1. Rivers deep and mountains high – If you are planning on encountering some mountainous terrains you may want to consider a suitable rental vehicle, such as a Jeep for instance. Rent a car for a road trip that is suitable for the route you intend to take.
  1. Weather – When you rent a car for a road trip don’t forget to factor in weather conditions that you may encounter. If you anticipate driving in cold, icy, and dangerous weather it would be wise to rent a car or a road trip that is suitable to drive dangerous weather conditions.

12 Roadside Essentials for Any Long-Distance Travels

Your road trip is almost planned to the tee. Next, other than packing yourself there are some roadside essentials to pack when you rent a car for a road trip. Consider adding these road trip essentials:

  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Toilet paper or paper towels
  3. Driver’s license and passport
  4. Roadside emergency kit
  5. First Aid Kit
  6. Road maps
  7. Food and Beverages
  8. Money
  9. Entertainment for the kids
  10. Sunscreen and a hat
  11. Comfy clothes, warm clothing, and shoes
  12. A blanket

After you have made your bookings, organized the family, and gathered roadside essentials it is time to collect your car rental. From here onwards you can enjoy and make the most of your well-planned journey. 

survival kit

Rent a car for a road trip and you could save yourself money which you could use on others things while you travel. Taking a road trip should be a fun and memorable experience. Travel safe and don’t forget to return your car rental clean.