Road Trip with Elderly: Tips for the Ultimate Family Road Trip

Among the top travel destinations in the world are found in the United States. Millions of tourists visit the country’s cities, national parks, and entertainment each year. A road trip with elderly parents can be a great way to explore all that the United States has to offer.

By experiencing a different culture and changing routines, traveling can improve mental health. An enjoyable road trip with elderly parents can be the ultimate family road trip. 

If you’ve been looking for great ways to connect with family, you might consider bringing your elderly parents along on a road trip.

Traveling parties usually include a variety of personalities, expectations, and budgets. Don’t forget to consider everyone’s interests when planning the ultimate family road trip. 

road trip with elderly

For example, being able to find a seat easily in a restaurant is important for seniors. If you see an establishment with loud music, dim lighting, and long wait times, avoid it. 

Also, laugh at the family member who acts like a child even though they are adults. Except for injuries, most travel mishaps are comical. Here are some tips to help you plan a road trip with elderly.

Always Get Your Car Serviced Before a Road Trip

Old people will repeatedly ask if you’ve serviced the vehicle, it’s part of aging and micromanaging. Be prepared for this and service your vehicle before a road trip with elderly parents. 

A vehicle that has been properly serviced before a road trip will make older people feel more at ease. Always get your car serviced to ensure a safe and comfy road trip with elderly relatives. 

The car’s exhaust system 

Get the vehicle’s exhaust system checked before a road trip with elderly parents. Inspect the car’s exhaust system for the loss of fuel efficiency and power.

The car’s steering and suspension

To avoid traveling with broken shock absorbers or loose steering parts, your vehicle’s suspension and steering must be checked. 

The car’s wheel alignment and tires

Check the car’s wheel alignment and tires to prevent a flat-tire disaster. A tire check includes, among other things:

Lights, indicators and electrical

Make sure that your car’s electronics, lights and indicators are not faulty.

Basic service

A basic car service is important before a road trip with elderly people and includes: 

If you cannot get your car serviced, rent a car. Putting your family’s health and safety first is crucial. Make sure that you are prepared to meet their different needs.

service your vehicle

Health and Medical Supplies for Road Tripping with Your Elderly Parents 

You’ll need to prepare medical supplies before taking a road trip with elderly people. Make sure you have the medications you need to treat heart conditions, hypertension, or other chronic conditions. Additionally, you should always have a first aid kit in your car.

On a road trip with elderly relatives, you should bring the following items with you:

A cane

To assist seniors in getting around, bring along a folding cane or a seat cane.

A lightweight walker 

To make things easier, the cruiser II rollator from Nova is very useful. The rollator is easy to fold when not in use and weighs 10 pounds.

A transport chair 

When going on a day trip, the wheelchair backpack can carry essentials. Include important things like a blood pressure monitor, a diabetes tester, and snacks. 

When taking a road trip with elderly parents, make sure that they get a good night’s sleep. Try including these bedroom essentials:

It is important to always plan ahead, pack carefully and inform everyone before taking a road trip with elderly people.

road trip with elderly

How to Plan the Ultimate Relaxing Family Road Trip

If you ensure comfort when you travel, you will experience the ultimate family road trip. When planning a road trip with elderly parents, ask them first and don’t force them. Ensure safety, comfort, and overall enjoyment of a road trip with elderly folk with these tips. 

Your family road trip essentials include:

The elderly tend to move slower and may not always have everything they want with them. When traveling with seniors, the best time to leave for a long road trip is early in the morning. Things might take longer, so being early is more comfortable for everyone. 

road trip with elderly

Plan down to the minute and let your elders know upfront what / where / why. If your elder prefers a quieter atmosphere, then taking them to a restaurant that is crowded with people is not the best idea. Keep in mind when on a road trip with elderly parents that however energetic you may be, they may not be. Communication is key.

Best USA Landmarks to Visit with Family

When looking for great vacation ideas for elderly parents, the US has endless landmarks. There are many fun things to do on a road trip with family. With summer’s pleasant weather, it’s the best time to leave for a long road trip.

For the ultimate family road trip, you can consider visiting:

US National Parks

There are 59 National Parks in the US, and the cost to visit a National Park on a road trip with the elderly is low. Whether you are in Death Valley or Canyonlands, Utah, nature offers breathtaking beauty. 

Sedona, Arizona

People usually associate Arizona with cacti, rattlesnakes, and scorching temperatures. Sedona is a tourist’s dream, the spectacular red rock city is less than two hours from the Phoenix airport. The average summer temperature in Sedona rarely exceeds 90 degrees.

Disney World, Florida

When you hear “Disney World,” you may imagine the sounds of children, but it is a great destination for a road trip with elderly parents. While COVID-19 imposes certain regulations, the park still provides a pleasant and socially distant experience. 


Despite Alaska’s low visitor numbers, its natural treasures are incomparable. Things to do on a road trip with family including visiting Alaska’s 17 national parks. Anchorage and Juneau are great for relaxing.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

If you are exploring the U.S. with an RV, then the Pacific Coast Highway is one route to consider. From San Francisco to San Diego, the Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most scenic routes in the world. When you go on a road trip, you need to have the right vehicle.

Top Tip: Rent a Vehicle with Sufficient Space for the Family

When taking a road trip with elderly people, unimportant things can become annoying. However, your parents have had their fair share of drama as well, so you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. 

A car rental is a good option if you want to have an enjoyable and comfortable road trip with elderly parents. While on your ultimate family road trip, you can avoid wearing out your vehicle by renting a car and renting an SUV or a people mover will simply make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Remember to make the most memorable time on your road trip with elderly parents. Rent a car that is suitable for the terrain or weather conditions in which you will be driving.