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Car rental under 25

Car rental under 25: Can I rent a car if I’m under underage?

Know what to look out for with under 25 car rental Imagine you are a student or recent graduate whoRead More

road trip movies

Road Trip Movies: 39 Epic Travel Films

A year ago today, we were all cooped up at home, only dreaming about or watching road trip movies, cryingRead More

Car Rental Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Here at Car Rental Reviews, we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. We other review car rentalRead More

How to rent out your car for extra income in 2021

If you’re in the same shoes as the vast majority of the world’s population, you might be looking for a way to earn some extra money. Did you know that you can rent out your car to make an additional income?

what do you have to do to rent a car

What do you have to do to rent a car? [INFOGRAPHIC!}

The answer seems obvious to those who frequently make use of car rental services, but it’s less so when you’reRead More

rent a car after hours

Rent a car after hours: Is that really do-able? (PLUS: Cheat Sheet)

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to booking a rental car pickup, especially if you will only beRead More

car rental faq

Can you use a rental car to ___: The ultimate list of rental car dos and don’ts

If you regularly make use of rental cars, you have probably wondered what you can and can’t do in a rental car.

rent a car in las vegas

Is it necessary to rent a car in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is one of those bucket list tourist destinations that we all have on our lists. Whether it’s toRead More

save money on holiday travel

Save Money on Car Rental & Holiday Travels

Believe it or not, but the holidays are upon us. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to travel and spend someRead More

driver record

Driver Record: How Your Criminal Record Impacts on Car Rental

Car rental companies maintain Do Not Rent lists, which means that they will not rent a car to you. InRead More

renting a car for the first time

Renting a car for the first time: 16 Tips to make the most of the experience

Renting a car for the first time is a milestone experience. It creates a world of possibility, whether you haveRead More

Long Term Car Rental: What, why, and how?

There are many reasons why people opt for long term car rentals. From extended business trips to vacation travels, aRead More

thanksgiving vacation

COVID-19 & Self-drive Vacations this Thanksgiving

The USA has more than four million miles of highway connecting all major cities and smaller towns, which makes itRead More

rent a stick shift

Rent a stick shift vehicle in America: Is it still possible?

One of the slurs Boomers use against the younger people of today, is the fact that they “can’t drive aRead More

rent a bmw

Rent a BMW: The Ins and Outs of Luxury and Exotic Car Rental

Whether you’re accustomed to the finer things in life, or simply want to spoil yourself, you’ve reached this page becauseRead More

drive your dream car

Drive Your Dream Car for Less

Whether you have the money to buy and drive your dream car, or you’re hoping to win the lottery soRead More

contractor with pickup truck

Rent a Pickup Truck: Here are your options

If you usually rent a car for work trips or an SUV for a family vacation, it may not beRead More

home depot truck rental

Home Depot Truck Rental Review by Car Rental Reviews

Although we usually work with car rental companies, our lives and the services on offer always continue to change andRead More

rent a jeep

Rent a Jeep: The Fun (and not-so-fun) Facts

Jeep has been around for many years, evolving with technology. But what’s most synonymous with the brand is the factRead More

electric car rental

Electric Car Rental: Which companies offer green alternatives?

Motor vehicle manufacturers are working hard at providing new technologies to safeguard the future of our planet by creating fuel-efficient,Read More

cheap long term car rental

Cheap Long Term Car Rental: Is it worth it?

If you need a car for more than a month but don’t want to buy one, you can always optRead More

driving in usa tips

Driving in USA Tips for Foreigners and New Drivers

Coming to America? Be sure to read these driving in USA tips from expats are other tourists.

birthday destinations

Birthday Destinations: Make your road trip dreams come true

What do you give a girl or guy who already has it all? Forget about flowers and socks. Keep theRead More

atlanta to savannah

Atlanta to Savannah Drive: Making it Worth the Time

Need to travel from Atlanta to Savannah? If you’re considering making the trip, there are several options. There is oneRead More

road trip gas calculator

Road Trip Gas Calculator: How to estimate your travel budget

Whether you’re planning a cross country road trip or a college tour, or even a trip to your new homeRead More

cross country road trip

Cross Country Road Trip: Your Car Rental Reviews Guide

A cross country road trip can provide a group of friends or a family a memorable experience. You could buyRead More

rent a tesla

Rent a Tesla: Your Car Rental Review Guide

No matter how badly you want to reduce your carbon footprint, owning your own Tesla might just be a tadRead More

minivan rental

Minivan Rental vs. SUV Options: Your Car Rental Reviews Guide

When you need enough space in a vehicle for a road trip for the entire crew, you might be wonderingRead More

vintage car rental

Vintage Car Rental: Your key to old-world charm

When you’re looking to add something truly unique to a special occasion, a vintage car rental is the way toRead More

college road trip

College Road Trip Planning for 2020

A college road trip and the associated lessons can transcend that which they will learn during their time at theRead More

car rental unlimited miles

Car Rental Unlimited Miles: Best Deals for Long-Distance Travel

Let’s face it: gasoline is expensive. So if you rent a car on a limited mileage contract, you will haveRead More

death valley road trip

Death Valley Road Trip: The Ultimate Itinerary

A Death Valley road trip has been described as the greatest road trip in America. Granted, the names of theRead More

economy vs compact

Economy vs Compact: Which rental car is best for your road trip?

Planning a road trip and needing a rental car? You’re in luck, because at Car Rental Reviews, we provide youRead More

white sand beach

White Sand Beaches in the US: Best vacation spots for your next getaway

Whenever life becomes overwhelming with responsibilities, we dream about white sand beaches, clear blue oceans, coconut suntan lotion and deliciousRead More


Travel During Coronavirus Pandemic: How to stay safe

Should you travel during the coronavirus pandemic? Sometimes, you may not have a choice.  COVID-19, the novel coronavirus has populatedRead More

spring break

Spring Break Destinations: Your Guide to Spring Break 2020

Spring Break 2020 is here! Depending on when school starts, you still have some time to plan an epic tripRead More

Rent a Car for Someone Else

Can I Rent a Car for Someone Else?

Are you wondering whether you can rent a car for someone else? Perhaps you need to rent a car forRead More

how old do you have to be to rent a car

How Old Must You Be to Rent a Car?

So, your kid needs to get from Point A to Point B, but how old must you be to rentRead More

How much does a rental car cost

How Much Does a Rental Car Cost?

If you’re looking to hire a rental car, it might seem as though every question you ask, opens up evenRead More

Top Car Rental Comparison Sites

Looking for car rental comparison sites? With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to button downRead More

car rentals

Car Rental: Airport car rentals vs. city locations

If you have not used a car rental in a while, you might have some questions about your best options.Read More

car rental discounts

Cheap Car Rentals: Your Ultimate Guide

Although most frequent travelers know how to find good deals on flights, it can be tricky to find cheap carRead More