Things to Do in Boston

Fun Things to Do in Boston: From Seafood and Sports to Sunday Fundays

In this post, we’ll explore some of the fun things to do in Boston. But first, we’d like to answer some of the top questions our readers frequently ask…

compact cars

Compact Car? Why not!?

Compact cars are often underrated. Though there is more choice than ever for savvy car lease shoppers, the compact car can not only offer perfect practicality, safe driving and low environmental impact, but compact cars are also some of the best value for money rental vehicles available on the market.

rent a tesla

Rent a Tesla

To rent a Tesla, Car Rental Reviews is your portal to help you partner with the future - visit us for a quote and read on to see why it is a great idea to go electric

road safety elderly

Road Safety and the Elderly: Advice for Older Road Users

Road Safety and the elderly driving have been a bone of contention for decades, with legitimate arguments for both sides 

The truth is that as you get older you lose much of your independence, and being able to drive gives you a bit of freedom and self respect, but it does come with increased risks.

Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips + FREE road trip preparation checklist

A road trip can provide opportunities for connecting with your companions and enjoying truly memorable moments. However, it all starts with adequate long road trip preparation.

largest car companies

What are the Largest Car Companies in the World?

Technological advances in all facets of the auto industry are creating excitement for the largest car companies in the world, and what motoring in the future can look like. Unfortunately the ongoing pandemic has been a major spanner in the works, putting the brakes heavily on certain sectors. This post looks at just a few of the automobile related industries and their largest players

work road trip

Work Road Trip Planning: Turn teambuilding into a thrillingly fun adventure—it’s possible!

There are many types of road trips for work. They could be on your own or with colleagues, long or short, frequent or once-off… In this post, we will provide tips and ideas that can be customized to your circumstances.

winter vacation ideas

Winter Vacation Ideas to Keep you Warm

Winter is here and with it comes all the joys of snow, sleet, layers and layers of clothing and being stuck indoors for many hours - like lockdown, just colder. On the plus side, you are not a tree, and the situation allowing, you can ‘leaf’ anytime you want. In this post we look at a few winter vacation ideas, some may sound a touch different, and some completely weird, so read on to add an extra destination or two onto your winter holiday itinerary

holiday travel tips

Holiday Travel Tips to Keep you Safe and Smiling at the End of 2022

In this post we look at safe holiday travel in a Covid America, and we share a few tips to take the tired out of travel these holidays. Here’s a handy hint: You can avoid public transport by renting a car during the festive season and Car Rental Reviews is just the place where you should start your vacation, or staycation, journey this year

history of car rental

Explore the History of the Car Rental Industry and Take a Glance Into the Future

Today, there are more than 2 million rental vehicles in the US, even after car hire companies had to sell some of their fleet to survive the grip of the pandemic. In this post we scroll through the history of the car rental industry and we take a peek at what the future may hold for rental car businesses.

DIY drive-in movie

DIY Drive-in Movie: How to Enjoy a DIY Drive-in Movie in a Rental (or Your Own) Car

There are only around 300 operating drive-ins left in America, and if you don’t happen to stay near one, you have a really good excuse for a road trip, or to set up your own DIY Drive-in Movie. In this post we will run the credits on the what’s, why and how comes of this iconic form of social distance friendly entertainment.

green travel

Green Travel and Rental Cars: How to be Eco-Friendly and Happy

Read on to learn how to minimize your impact on the environment, at home, work or if you are traveling to another state or even country—without having to cancel your travel plans. Talking about travel plans, green travel or not, with the holidays around the corner, our post Romantic Road Trip Planner: Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Couple’s Retreat will give you a few good ideas for a romantic holiday. Why not hire an eco-friendly rental and give your love a Go Green boost? Car Rental Review can partner you with a suitable planet-saving rental.

traffic cities

Worst Traffic Cities in America: Your 2022 Update

Your phone’s battery life, Justin Bieber, Gangnam Style and traffic, are some of the most disliked things in today’s fast paced digital world. We can push a button to change the Bieb or Psy, and we can find a powerbank for that battery, but if you commute to work, traffic is simply a (really crappy and time-consuming) part of our lives that we have to contend with. With personal safety becoming more important because of the influence of Covid-19, there has been a marked decrease in mass transportation and a rise in car rentals. As the pandemic slowly releases its captive hold on the human race, more and more people are using cars again—and this means more traffic. In this post, Car Rental Reviews blows the horn on a few of the worst cities for traffic in the United States, so fasten your seatbelt and take a chill pill, because here we go… Or don’t go if you happen to be driving in these cities.

how to save fuel

How to Save Fuel, and $$$, While Driving a Rental

The reality is that we need to learn to save fuel, not only to save money, but also to save Earth and our dwindling resources. In this post we refuel your knowledge on how the car rental gas policy works, and we show you how to save fuel while driving a rental, or your own vehicle for that matter.

Rental Car Lost and Found

Rental Car Lost and Found Items: The Weird and the What to Do

Your flight leaves at 15h00… it is 13h15 and you still need to return your rental car without breaking the speed limit… You make it and with minutes to spare, you even have time to wink at the cute flight attendant. As you reach for your mobile to switch it to airplane mode—that sinking feeling when you despairingly remember that you left it in the rental, tsunamis its way down your spine… Guess what? You’re not alone. Daily, hundreds of items end up in rental car lost and found departments. Read on to see some of the weird and wonderful items left behind, and what you should do when this happens to you… and remember before you book your next rental... Find, compare, and rent the perfect car right here.

4 Awesome Snowbird Destinations & How to Get There

This blog will explore 4 great snowbird destinations and unpack why it is better to rent a vehicle, of your choice, to provide you with a smooth, no-nonsense road trip to your chosen beach or desert town.

driving a new car

Driving a New Car: It’s An Adjustment

For Ed Sheeran, his bad habits might lead to late nights and conversations with strangers, but for drivers, their bad habits can lead to much worse... like accidents, or conversations with strangers with badges! Getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle, or having to drive an unfamiliar car, can leave you disoriented and insecure; and for a driver this can be disastrous. We are creatures of habit, and driving a new car where all the controls are located elsewhere, might leave you scratching your head, instead of watching the road. A new car can be intimidating for anyone, whether they have just bought one, need to borrow one, or are going on vacation and need to rent one. Here are some tips to help you become familiar with a new car quickly. We promise, you'll feel confident in no time! Car Rental Reviews will partner you with the right car and company for your next business trip or holiday.

How to Have an Epic West Coast Road Trip—and Why Doing it in a Rental Ticks all the Right Boxes

If that is not enough reason for you to have started packing yet, and planning your western road trip itinerary, read on for just a few paragraphs more, please… Let’s unpack (I’m so punny :) ), everything you need to know about how to have an epic West Coast Road Trip...and then we will see who hasn’t clicked HERE to get a quote on your road trip rental?

DUI and car rental

DUI and Car Rental: Can I Rent a Car With a DUI on My Record?

In this post I look at how a DUI can affect car rental and what other options or choices you may have, so say, “Cheers!” And call an Uber.

off-grid communities

Off-Grid Communities: When the Wrong Turn, is Really the Right One

Have you been tempted by the call of simplicity? This road trip through the off-grid communities in the US will help you make up your mind.

car rental seasons

Car Rental Seasons: When’s the best time to rent a car?

Car rental is a convenient alternative to driving your own car on a lengthy road trip or vacation. But with fluctuating car rental prices, you might wonder when is the best time to book a car rental.

use your car horn

Use Your Car Horn: A Guide To Honking Your Horn

No matter how you feel about them, a car tooter will always be close. You may honk your horn toRead More

healthy road trip meals

Healthy Road Trip Meals and Snacks: What Are Your Choices?

We have to ask - do you feel like the usual eating rules are left on the suburban curb when you're on a road trip? Magically it is ok for the children to have ice cream at dinner, and then munch a packet of M & M’s for breakfast (or rather - breakFAT). The unhealthy road trip snacks choices that we find at gas stations, convenience stores, and fast-food chains along the way make us feel like we don't have any other options. Do we eat unhealthy just to keep the hunger at bay, or do we look for healthy travel snacks recipes and other healthy alternatives.

road trip with teens

Road Trip With Teens: What to Do on a Long Car Ride?

What comes to mind when you picture a road trip with teens? Do you know what to do on a long car ride when teens get bored and start bickering? Check out these road trip hacks for tweens that you can use when planning a road trip with teens.

rental cars

Rental Cars: When to Rent a Car?

Sometimes finding the cheapest way to rent a car for a week will allow you to take a vacation from your vehicle. Using rental cars can spare your vehicle from wear and tear or extra mileage. Find out what is the best way to rent a car for 2 weeks and more.

remedies for motion sickness

Remedies for Motion Sickness: SOS for your next road trip

Have you ever experienced severe motion sickness? So are there remedies for motion sickness? In this post we look at ways to alleviate the discomfort.

Excess Waiver Insurance

Excess Waiver Insurance: What is the price of peace of mind?

Did you know that Excess Waiver Insurance can save you stress, time and money? Here are some tips on how to cut your car rental insurance risk with car hire excess insurance.

how rich is jeff bezos crr

How Rich is Jeff Bezos? Take a sneak peek into the wealthy mogul’s life and garage

Twice in 2021 Jeff Bezos was not the richest man on Earth. For 11 seconds on July 20 while he was in space, and now after Amazon shares plummeted, devaluing the billionaire by almost $14 billion. He might not cry in his cereal, but he may just shed a tear in his Ferrari, or his Bugatti...or maybe the Lambo

road trip with kids

Road Trip with Kids AND Enjoy a Stress-Free, Exciting Journey

Do you know that a road trip with kids can be very beneficial? Children who travel perform better academically and become more compassionate, tolerant, and open-minded. Here are tips for planning a road trip with kids.

driving with pets

Driving with Pets: Keeping your human and furry fam safe on a road trip

Taking a road trip in the summer is ideal because of the pleasant weather and longer days. It is impossible to avoid driving with pets when going on a long road trip. Also, if you are planning international travel with pets, you may find these tips helpful.

road trip with elderly

Road Trip with Elderly: Tips for the Ultimate Family Road Trip

Experience the open road, pass through historic towns, and travel on a road trip with elderly folk. When you take a road trip with elderly parents, plan well to ensure the ultimate family road trip. Here are some ideas for things to do on a road trip with family that will make your trip memorable.

car yoga poses

Car Yoga Poses and Stretches for Your Next Road Trip

Most of us feel tired after a long drive. In between stops, use these yoga poses to rejuvenate your weary body.

what do you need to rent a car

What do you need to rent a car?

A car is an essential tool in most parts of the United States, whether it’s your own, a borrowed car,Read More

unlimited mileage

Unlimited Mileage and How This Option Can Save You Money

Car rental usually offers two mileage options: Unlimited Mileage and Limited Mileage. Let’s explore unlimited mileage car rental and how it works.

cost to rent a car

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car?

Have you been asking the question how much does it cost to rent a car for a road trip? If so, this article will explore factors that determine the cost of renting a car and allow you to prepare for your next journey.

pet friendly car rental

Pet Friendly Car Rental: Tips for Happy Travels with Your Furry Friend

Are you travelling with your pet and need a car to rent? Learn which companies offer pet friendly car rental, and get tips on how to avoid any extra charges.

rent a car for a road trip

Rent a Car for a Road Trip: The Key to Stress-Free Travels?

Rent a car for a road trip and save. In this article, we explore money-saving tips and roadside essentials to make your journey comfortable and stress-free

need to rent a car

Need to Rent a Car? Here’s what you need.

Do you wonder what you need to rent a car? In most cases, you only need a valid driver's license and a credit card. In this article, we will explore the requirements to hire a car and more.

return a rental car

Return a Rental Car to a Different Location: Is that allowed?

Can you return a car rental to a different location? Yes, you can pick up the rental car at one location and then leave it at another agreed-upon location. This transaction is usually known as a one-way car rental.

wedding car hire

Wedding Car Hire: A Classy Touch To Your Wedding and Honeymoon

Wedding car hire services offer you the best wedding car hire prices. In this article, you will find information about wedding car hire for your big day.

Car Rental Tips and Tricks

Car Rental Tips and Tricks: Helpful Road Trip Hacks

Car rental companies offer a valuable service to their customers. In this article we will explore car rental tips and tricks that will make your car rental experience a happy one.

Long-term Car Rental

Long-term Car Rental: Is it worth it?

Long-term car rentals are typically defined as those that last longer than one month. It can be useful, but is long-term car rental worth it?

top US landmarks

US Landmarks: Top Places to Visit on Your Next American Road Trip

America is a vast and diverse country that is dotted with historical and cultural places of interest and breathtaking natural beauty. Stop scrolling through pictures, pack your car and roll down the windows... Let's go on a road trip...

airport car rental

Airport Car Rental: Is it cheaper to rent a car at the airport or off-site?

Getting to your destination by plane and renting a car will likely have you wondering about car rental pick up at the airport. Preparing for your pick-up in advance will make your travel much easier, and there will be no surprises when you arrive.

travel the world

Travel the World with our Guide to free travel opportunities 2021

How to travel the world? There are so many options available to those wanting to save money on travel expenses and travel the world for free. From backpacking, house sitting, CouchSurfing, teaching abroad, volunteer opportunities, and more.

road trip movies

Road Trip Movies: 39 Epic Travel Films

A year ago today, we were all cooped up at home, only dreaming about or watching road trip movies, cryingRead More

Car Rental Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Here at Car Rental Reviews, we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. We other review car rentalRead More

summer travel

How to prepare your car for summer travel

Before long, winter’s cold fingers will lose its grip on America the Beautiful, and it will be time for summerRead More

what do you have to do to rent a car

What do you have to do to rent a car? [INFOGRAPHIC!}

The answer seems obvious to those who frequently make use of car rental services, but it’s less so when you’reRead More

rent a car in las vegas

Is it necessary to rent a car in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is one of those bucket list tourist destinations that we all have on our lists. Whether it’s toRead More

California road trips: 4 routes to add to your bucket list

When it comes to California road trips, inspiration abounds. That’s why we decided to give you a checklist from which to choose. Alternatively, simply add them all to your bucket list!

save money on holiday travel

Save Money on Car Rental and Holiday Travels

Believe it or not, but the holidays are upon us. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to travel and spend someRead More

driver record

Driver Record: How Your Criminal Record Impacts on Car Rental

Car rental companies maintain Do Not Rent lists, which means that they will not rent a car to you. InRead More

renting a car for the first time

Renting a car for the first time: 16 Tips to make the most of the experience

Renting a car for the first time is a milestone experience. It creates a world of possibility, whether you haveRead More

thanksgiving vacation

COVID-19 and Self-drive Vacations this Thanksgiving

The USA has more than four million miles of highway connecting all major cities and smaller towns, which makes itRead More

rent a stick shift

Rent a stick shift vehicle in America: Is it still possible?

One of the slurs Boomers use against the younger people of today, is the fact that they “can’t drive aRead More

rent a bmw

Rent a BMW: The Ins and Outs of Luxury and Exotic Car Rental

Whether you’re accustomed to the finer things in life, or simply want to spoil yourself, you’ve reached this page becauseRead More

drive your dream car

Drive Your Dream Car for Less

Whether you have the money to buy and drive your dream car, or you’re hoping to win the lottery soRead More

contractor with pickup truck

Rent a Pickup Truck: Here are your options

If you usually rent a car for work trips or an SUV for a family vacation, it may not beRead More

electric car rental

Electric Car Rental: Which companies offer green alternatives?

While many consumers are starting to embrace the environment by investing in electric cars, people wonder whether it’s possible to get an electric car rental. The good news is that, yes, you can! In this post, we look at electric car rental.

atlanta to savannah

Atlanta to Savannah Drive: Making it Worth the Time

Need to travel from Atlanta to Savannah? If you’re considering making the trip, there are several options. There is oneRead More

road trip gas calculator

Road Trip Gas Calculator: How to estimate your travel budget

Whether you’re planning a cross country road trip or a college tour, or even a trip to your new homeRead More

rent a tesla

Rent a Tesla: Your Car Rental Review Guide

No matter how badly you want to reduce your carbon footprint, owning your own Tesla might just be a tadRead More

minivan rental

Minivan Rental vs. SUV Options: Your Car Rental Reviews Guide

When you need enough space in a vehicle for a road trip for the entire crew, you might be wonderingRead More

vintage car rental

Vintage Car Rental: Your key to old-world charm

When you’re looking to add something truly unique to a special occasion, a vintage car rental is the way toRead More

college road trip

College Road Trip Planning for 2022

A college road trip and the associated lessons can transcend that which they will learn during their time at theRead More

car rental unlimited miles

Car Rental Unlimited Miles: Best Deals for Long-Distance Travel

Let’s face it: gasoline is expensive. So if you rent a car on a limited mileage contract, you will haveRead More

death valley road trip

Death Valley Road Trip: The Ultimate Itinerary

A Death Valley road trip has been described as the greatest road trip in America. Granted, the names of theRead More

economy vs compact

Economy vs Compact: Which rental car is best for your road trip?

Planning a road trip and needing a rental car? You’re in luck, because at Car Rental Reviews, we provide youRead More

white sand beach

White Sand Beaches in the US: Best vacation spots for your next getaway

Most of us think that white sandy beaches are limited to far-off tropical paradises, but that’s not really the truth. There are many spectacular warm-weather escapes right here in our very backyard!


Travel During Coronavirus Pandemic: How to stay safe

Should you travel during the coronavirus pandemic? Sometimes, you may not have a choice.  COVID-19, the novel coronavirus has populatedRead More

spring break

Spring Break Destinations 2022 for families and college students

Some of the coolest spring break destinations include Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Aruba, Montego Bay, the Bahamas, and Cancun, but you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy an awesome seaside break. The United States has some truly awesome options available right here in our backyard.

Rent a Car for Someone Else

Can I Rent a Car for Someone Else?

Are you wondering whether you can rent a car for someone else? Perhaps you need to rent a car forRead More

How much does a rental car cost

How Much Does a Rental Car Cost?

If you’re looking to hire a rental car, it might seem as though every question you ask, opens up evenRead More

Top Car Rental Comparison Sites

Looking for car rental comparison sites? With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to button downRead More

car rentals

Car Rental: Airport car rentals vs. city locations

If you have not used a car rental in a while, you might have some questions about your best options.Read More

car rental discounts

Cheap Car Rentals: Your Ultimate Guide

Although most frequent travelers know how to find good deals on flights, it can be tricky to find cheap carRead More